The Mission of  The Stress Surfer: 

“Everyone can live a ‘great’ life by: (1) developing a Life Strategy to live their dreams and (2) Keeping the 4 Elements of their Wellbeing in Balance when facing the stressful Waves of Life!” Dr Pete

Dr Pete Stebbins, PhD, is a leading psychologist, life coach and facilitator with a personal and professional journey full of both achievements and challenges.

Dr Pete uses his 20 years of psychology study and clinical practice (as well as multiple doses of his own Mid Life Crises) to create Wellbeing & LIfe Strategy ‘shortcuts’ for you to implement so you can Successfully Ride the Waves of Mid-Life.

The professional side: a Masters in Clinical Psychology from The University of Queensland, PhD thesis in chronic stress and CBT, and subsequent work in mental health hospitals, welfare services and corporate and clinical private practice. Dr Pete has authored several books and published a range of articles in peer reviewed international journals, authored a government review paper on carer stress, been a keynote presenter at various conferences and guest psychologist on popular television programs. Dr Pete has extensive experience in the treatment of many common adult psychological problems.

The personal side: Dr Pete is a recovering ‘people pleaser’. Combined with the challenge of raising kids in a separated family and running a growing business, this has given him some deep bruises and scars. He’s had many opportunities to ‘practice what he preaches’. He knows the difference between textbook advice and practical wisdom.

Dr Pete is a wannabe soul surfer who is passionate about life and living. He spends as much time as possible surfing with his daughters and spending time with family and friends in the outdoors.

Dr Pete doesn’t have the luxury of spending all his time searching for the ultimate wave. However, he has learned to use surfing not only as a stress relieving activity but also as a powerful metaphor for riding the waves of life and managing wipeouts.