Success Secrets 7: Busy is Better Than Boredom or Burnout!

Endless Summer

If you want something done ask a busy person! Benjamin Franklin

Have you ever asked someone to do something for you only to have to eventually do it yourself – often in a last-minute rush? At work I have suffered the ‘delegation curse’ of assigning a task to someone and then either not having it done properly and/or unexpected delays in it being completed. I then find myself either re-doing the task, (often when I don’t have time) or nagging and micro managing to get things done by due dates – only to damage relationships with my colleagues! [Read more…]

Success Secrets 4: Love Your Job!


TSS Champion Boss‘If you love your job then you will never work a day in your life.’ Unknown

Do you hate your job right now? Many of us live in a love/hate cycle with our job – often hating our job more than loving it. But, a few lucky people spend most of their time loving their job! In this success secrets article I want to discuss the two most important secrets to loving your job….. [Read more…]

Success Secrets 2: Be Like Water

IMG_5894“The nature of successful strategy is like the flow of water. Water runs away from the high ground and gravitates to the lower; avoiding the challenges and finding the opportunities…” Sun Tzu 772-476 BC

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but those who are most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin 1809-1882

In this special ‘Success Secrets’ series we are looking at the hidden gems of wisdom that are often overlooked or misunderstood when the Challenging Waves of Life disrupt our Life Strategy to Live The Endless Summer. In this article I want to have a look at the very powerful and practical words of Sun Tzu – encouraging us to ‘be like water’ in order to be successful. [Read more…]

Success Secrets: Dream With Your Eyes Wide Open!

IMGP0492We all dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. T. E. Lawrence

Have you ever met someone who seemed to ‘have it all’? Happy and relaxed, a free spirit full of adventure, open to the universe, at ease with the challenges of life… able to cope well with setbacks, yet still somehow achieve all their goals in the various areas of their life – work, play, relationships and family… [Read more…]

The Rescuer’s Dark Legacy

Rescuer Dark Legacy“Sometimes the Hero unwittingly ends up the Villain” – Simon Thatcher

Do you know someone who is a Compulsive Rescuer? Do you know someone who gets their thrills by helping people escape their (often self-inflicted) first world problems? If you took a good look at their inner circle of friends, are they the most stable and successful person?

Could that ‘someone you know’, really also be you at times?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above then read onwards my friend, for this should be of interest… [Read more…]

Family Values: Under Pressure & Celebrating Success!

IMG_5645“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything” Unknown

What are your family’s core values? What are the foundation stones, the key principles, the non-negotiables that provide a guiding light to show your family the way ahead when facing the challenging Waves of Life? [Read more…]

Live Your Dreams! What is Holding You Back?

bigstock-Jet-Plane-Over-The-Tropical-Is-36332017-2 Have you ever had Dreams of an ‘Ideal Life’? I have always loved dreaming up what this would look like! When things got a bit stressful or challenging I would find myself imagining all sorts of escapist fantasies… living by the beach – or better still on some tropical island… working with a few close friends and imagining myself as some reclusive billionaire surfer… having amazing get togethers and dinner parties with family and friends who always got along well and never experienced a moment of tension of conflict…. playing with my kids and overseas family holidays where everyone was constantly upbeat, enjoying each other and happy… [Read more…]

Can You Really Control How Happy You Feel?


Question: Can You Really Control How Happy You Feel?

“If you want the joy of rainbows – you gotta put up with the rain” Unknown

I have spent my entire life believing you can change how happy you feel at any given moment… I have posted numerous blogs on the subject, tweeted and re-tweeted over a thousand comments, and have written 5 books on living a happy life and improving your wellbeing.

More recently though, I read a series of articles in response to a social media campaign called ‘100 Days of Happiness’ whereby a number of leading Psychologists and Psychiatrists were openly critical of the notion that you could be continuously happy for 100 days. Here’s an excerpt from one article summarizing what many experts from around the world had to say about being continuously happy: [Read more…]

My Mid-Life Crisis: From Surviving to Thriving

7T -midlife-crisis-1Mid-Life Crisis….

Do you know anyone who has had one?

Have you been there yourself?

For some people it is a sudden shock around the age of 40 when life suddenly seems to no longer be as fulfilling and the search for answers begins. For others, the search for answers and reflection on the meaning of life and finding fulfillment is more gradual with the gnawing feelings and questions beginning in their late 30s and lasting into their late 40s and beyond.

Whilst the timing of the onset to the Mid-Life crisis stage of development will be different for each of us, the outcomes we are seeking will be similar: Survive the Challenge of Transition and pursue a Life Strategy to Make A Difference in the World and Fulfill our Life Dreams. [Read more…]

Ride The Waves of Life Like a Pro: 7 Things You Need to Know



‘You can’t stop the waves – but you can learn to surf!’

John Kabat-Zinn

I have a confession to make – until recently, despite all my years of psychology study and training, sometimes I would find myself stressing out about things – and know that I was over-reacting yet feel unable to stop the cycle of stress and worry! Has this ever happened to you?

You see it wasn’t that I didn’t understand the theory of stress management – I am a reasonably bright guy with a PhD on the topic. I think, looking back now, it was that I couldn’t simply and easily put this theory into practice when I needed it most.

Stress Management: Amateur or Pro? [Read more…]