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iTeams memeDid you know that we spend 34% of our lives (approximately 228,708 hours!) at work?  Work is such an important part of our lives. Whether is a high paid job of our dreams, a ‘fill-in’ job to pay the bills or even volunteering in community groups – we all spend a lot of our time leading other people and/ or working in teams.

Leadership is a large and complex topic which can be easily broken down into 2 key areas:

(1.) Strategic Leadership – how we create value and grow the businesses or services we work in and develop systems and stratrgeis to become more efficient and effective.

(2.) Supportive Leadership – how we engage and support our staff and stakeholders to maximize there satification whilst increasing their skills and abilities.

High Performance Teams and Team Transformation is perhaps one of my favoriate work-related subjects. Gettting any group of people together with all their skills and capabilities and accompanying personalities and imperfections will cause a degree of tension. Whether this tension leads to high levels of performance and engagement OR is the tipping point for serious conflict and team failure will depend on 4 KPIs found in High Performance Teams.

HPT Infographic

I am previledged to be able to regularly run workshops and seminars (click here) with a range of teams and leaders acporss Health, Eeudcation, Government and Industry as well as writing the popular My Leadership Fails blogs on Linked In and the recently released book ‘iTeams: Why High Performance Teams Fit In AND Stand Out!’

I look forward to sharing these experiences and insights with you in a face-to-face workshop or coaching session or through your feedback online.

Ride the Waves of Life!

Dr Pete Stebbins