7 Mid Life Tsunamis (Book/eBook)

Did you know that the most dangerous period of mid-life is between 43 and 53? Mid-Life is that elusive stage somewhere between the ages of 35-55, during which 7 of the 10 Biggest Tsunamis can strike. Have you experienced divorce or separation? Death of a close family member? Serious legal problems? Major injuries or illnesses? Family strain caring for older parents or teenagers? Financial stress and bankruptcy? Preparation for retirement?
When we’re hit by one of the Tsunamis of mid–life, the last thing we have time for is to study lots of information. Dr Pete provides a quick and easy-to-understand summary of essential survival skills that we can use immediately! The 7 Tsunamis of Mid-Life follows on from the popular The Stress Surfer: Riding the Waves of Life Without the Stress.

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