Surviving and Thriving (Book/eBook)

In Surviving & Thriving Amid the Waves of Life, Dr Pete teaches us how we can quickly grasp the essential survival skills needed not only to survive, but also to thrive when faced with a range of different Waves of Life. Key topics include:
1. Personal Wellbeing—The foundations of wellbeing, developing key skills and strategies to manage challenging situations, life strategy to live your dreams, managing conflict and learning the art of forgiveness.
2. Work/Life—Surviving workplace politics, horrible bosses and workplace change, managing personal finances, coping with legal issues, health and fitness, holidays and retirement.
3. Recovery & Disorders—Measuring the Waves of Life, Stress Wipeouts and Self Awareness, Illness & Injuries, Grief and Loss, Anger, Anxiety and Depression.
4. Family and Relationships – Successful Relationships, the Secrets of Happy Families, the challenges of Separation, and Effective Parenting to raise confident and happy children.

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