Wellbeing: Ride The Waves of Life 7 Session eCourse

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Wellbeing: Ride The Waves Of Life! – 7 Session eCourse

In this online eCourse Dr Pete will take you on a step by step learning journey teaching you how to  Ride The Waves of Life Without The Stress! There are 7 interactive brief sessions on this e-Course which feature introductions from Dr Pete, eCourse material including both face to face and diagrams/illustrations to make material easy to comprehend and ensure examples area clear and simple to understand. Dr Pete also shares his own journey and completed workbook exercises with you at the end of each session so you can see how he applies the lessons in Ride The Waves Of Life to his own life.

Part I The Waves of Life and Wipeouts

  • Session 1 – Measuring The Waves of Your Life
  • Session 2 – Wipeouts and Stress Reactions

Part II The 4 Elements of Wellbeing

  • Session 3 – Element #1 Mindsets
  • Session 4 – Element # 2 Emotions
  • Session 5 – Element # 3 Lifestyle
  • Session 6 – Element # 4 Purpose

Part III The Endless Summer

  • Session 7 – Introduction to The Endless Summer


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