Success Secrets 4: Love Your Job!


TSS Champion Boss‘If you love your job then you will never work a day in your life.’ Unknown

Do you hate your job right now? Many of us live in a love/hate cycle with our job – often hating our job more than loving it. But, a few lucky people spend most of their time loving their job! In this success secrets article I want to discuss the two most important secrets to loving your job…..

Two Secrets Shared By People Who Love Their Job

1. Achievement

People who love their job get a much higher sense of achievement and job satisfaction then the rest of us – regardless of the types of job they are in. How is this so? Well, one of the success secrets they have is the ability to be able to turn any task into a personal challenge and set their own goals for improvement and then celebrate their own private successes as they achieve their goals. We see this achievement pattern of self-improvement and celebration in children’s play as they conquer imaginary challenges and receive imaginary rewards.

Sadly, most of us forget this very important life lesson as we grow older and enter the workforce. Instead of maintaining control over self-achievement we expect our supervisor, manager or the executives of the organization to recognize and reward us regardless of the wider pressures and challenges they may be facing. This is not to deny the importance of reward and recognition, nor to deny how lacking this is in many workplaces, but rather to highlight how much you can still do to love your job even when these things are missing.

2. Attachment

Another success secret of people who love their job is attachment – specifically, they feel a stronger positive emotional bond with their job than the rest of us. We refer to this strong positive attachment as being ‘Highly Engaged’. There is an enormous amount of evidence showing highly engaged employees are the ‘holy grail’ of the labor market as these employees provide approximately double the value of their wage in productivity compared to their peers.

There are several different causes of this high attachment/positive emotional bond that people who love their job experience. It may be that they love the specific tasks the do at work; or they love the interactions with their co-workers or customers and clients they serve; or they love the mission, vision, values and culture of the organization that employs them. For the super lucky ones – it may be a combination of all three factors that creates such an emotional high in loving their job!

Taking Things Too Far – Workaholics

Loving your job is a blessing for the lucky few – but it can also become a curse if you take things too far and end up becoming a workaholic. People who spend too much time and energy at work are at risk of neglecting their personal life and inadvertently damaging personal relationships with family and friends. An over-focus on work can also make you boring and dull when trying to socialise and have conversations with other people.

Another problem facing workaholics is burnout (see previous blog) – where your job becomes all consuming and the pressures and challenges no longer give you a sense of achievement or attachment but leave you feeling depressed and anxious.

Things You Can Do To Love Your Job More…

If you are not at risk of becoming a workaholic and you are not ‘in love’ with your job right now, then it may be time to take a look at what you can do to ‘find the love again’ by increasing your sense of achievement at work as well as finding ways to be more engaged and attached.

When it come to achievement, how much self-control do you give yourself over making sure you feel achievement and satisfaction with the tasks you have to do each day? Are you waiting on praise and recognition from others when there is an opportunity for you to reclaim control over setting challenges and goals to achieve in the otherwise mundane tasks you face?

When it comes to attachment how engaged are you at work right now? What can you do to experience more positive emotions at work? Remember the three different factors that people may love about their job (1) the tasks, (2) the people, or (3) the organization. To love your job more all you need to do is make an improvement in one of these factors. That way, even if you don’t like your organization you can still love working with you clients and coworkers or find solace in the more enjoyable tasks you do.

Remember loving your job is largely in your control so take some positive steps today!

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