High Performance Teams: Fast-track The 4 KPIs of Success

HPT 4KPIsWhen teams are struggling with under performance or conflict (or both) it would be great if we could simply wave a Magic Wand and ‘presto!’ instant transformation!

Whilst it is true that genuine behavior change and lasting transformation takes time to occur and Magic Wands aren’t available yet, it is also true that using the right performance acceleration strategies can fast track high performance teams and save massive amounts of time and money! [Read more…]

Success Secrets 4: Love Your Job!


TSS Champion Boss‘If you love your job then you will never work a day in your life.’ Unknown

Do you hate your job right now? Many of us live in a love/hate cycle with our job – often hating our job more than loving it. But, a few lucky people spend most of their time loving their job! In this success secrets article I want to discuss the two most important secrets to loving your job….. [Read more…]

Happy Children P2: Time – Quality vs Quantity

TSS Child Quality TimeBeing a parent is a big Wave of Life and can be a constant juggle and at times a struggle. However, the rewarding moments are beautiful and at times hard to describe in words.

In between these moments are lots of hard work, demands, responsibilities and commitments not only to your children but also to your spouse, your family and friends, as well as your job. Sometimes it seems that there are not enough hours in the day and it is impossible to balance all the demands on your time. [Read more…]