Live Your Dreams! What is Holding You Back?

bigstock-Jet-Plane-Over-The-Tropical-Is-36332017-2 Have you ever had Dreams of an ‘Ideal Life’? I have always loved dreaming up what this would look like! When things got a bit stressful or challenging I would find myself imagining all sorts of escapist fantasies… living by the beach – or better still on some tropical island… working with a few close friends and imagining myself as some reclusive billionaire surfer… having amazing get togethers and dinner parties with family and friends who always got along well and never experienced a moment of tension of conflict…. playing with my kids and overseas family holidays where everyone was constantly upbeat, enjoying each other and happy… [Read more…]

Life Strategy: Are You ‘Living The Dream’?

Cube-with-photo-collection-38156155-2Have you ever felt frustrated with life? Do you struggle with understanding the direction and purpose of your life at times? Do you feel unclear about the ‘next big goal’ to focus on and get excited about?

Being truly happy and satisfied with your life is an objective well worth pursuing! Living a life with clear direction and purpose as well as exciting dreams and goals is achievable for anyone willing to put in the time and effort to develop a Life Strategy.

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