After The Crisis: Helping The Helpers


“Physician Heal Thyself” St. Luke 4:23

Like many people in the international community, I have been shocked by the public execution of several humanitarian aid workers in recent times. With the risk of being taken hostage whilst working to improve the lives of people in crisis, along with the myriad of other frontline risks they face, it is no wonder that many humanitarian aid workers leave the field, and are at such a high risk of psychological burnout and complex trauma.

In the history of the modern world, crises are a paradox – the source of much despair but simultaneously triggering amazing humanitarian support and compassion. Crises of hunger, war, natural disasters and disease have devastated entire nations and yet as many flee these challenges, there are inspiring people on the frontline who go and serve. [Read more…]

Mid-Life Adventures: Fast Track Your Happiness!

DSC00314‘Everyone Dies But Not Everyone Truly Lives’ William Wallace – Braveheart

If You Think ‘Adventure’ is Dangerous try ‘Routine’, it’s Lethal’ – Paul Coelho

Confession: I used to feel frustrated with life – somewhat despondent, bored, stuck, restless. I used to engage in a self-debate about how ‘happy’ I was and how ‘great’ my life was surrounded by material possessions, my steady job and my social network… Despite this I would find my mind wandering and thinking about the “Walter Mitty” escapist fantasies of adventure and excitement only to silently curse and reprimand myself for such thoughts and the apparent selfishness of such adventures…

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Difficult Conversations: Aggression, Manipulation & Emotion

Difficult Conversations 2Have you ever had to have a ‘Difficult Conversation’ with someone? Have you ever had to say ‘no’, set limits, or provide feedback about bad behaviour to someone at work, at home or in the community? The other day I had to provide some feedback to someone as part of conflict resolution in their workplace and they got really upset and started shouting and then subsequently complained about why their manager and peers had not given them feedback sooner….. [Read more…]

Success in Life: Mentors & Accountability

bigstock-sunset-and-happy-young-man-12750674-2‘Anything worth achieving in life is difficult and anything worth having in life will be costly’ Unknown

A friend and mentor of mine regularly reminds me of the old adage: ‘anything worth achieving in life is difficult and anything worth having in life will be costly’. I have learned the hard way that this is true. [Read more…]

Mid-Life Freedom Fighters: Overcome Your Mid-Life Crisis

TSS MidLIfe Freedom Fighter

“There is no easy way into another world” Jon Krakauer

Mid-Life Crisis? Do you know anyone who’s had one? Have you been there yourself? For some people it is a sudden shock around the age of 40 when life suddenly seems to no longer be as fulfilling and the search for answers begins. For others, the search for answers and reflection on the meaning of life and finding fulfillment is more gradual with the gnawing feelings and questions beginning in their late 30s and lasting into their late 40s. Whilst the timing of the onset to the Mid-Life crisis stage of development will be different for each of us, the outcomes we are seeking will be similar: Make A Difference in the World and Fulfil our Life Dreams. [Read more…]

Life Strategy: Are You ‘Living The Dream’?

Cube-with-photo-collection-38156155-2Have you ever felt frustrated with life? Do you struggle with understanding the direction and purpose of your life at times? Do you feel unclear about the ‘next big goal’ to focus on and get excited about?

Being truly happy and satisfied with your life is an objective well worth pursuing! Living a life with clear direction and purpose as well as exciting dreams and goals is achievable for anyone willing to put in the time and effort to develop a Life Strategy.

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