My Leadership Fails: Difficult Conversations, Conflict & Feedback

Julius Caeser“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” Ken Blanchard

“Businesses don’t fail for want of intelligent staff, they fail for want of intelligent and courageous feedback” Unknown 

“Feedback is the bridge between strategy and successful execution” Dr Pete

High performance teams thrive on feedback. But sadly, many of us avoid feedback and settle for mediocrity, whilst gossiping to our teammates about what is wrong and backstabbing our managers.

Having difficult conversations and giving staff feedback is tough! [Read more…]

Wake Up Call: Stop Talking & Start Caring!


“Actions speak louder than words…” Mark Twain

Have you ever had a ‘wake up call’ about how you live your life? I had one the other day – a moment where I suddenly got some deeper perspective about the difference between my daily hassles and first world problems and the much more profound problems many people face in their lives…

I was chatting with my friends over dinner one evening and the conversation topic was around defining moments in our lives. As we all spoke about different events that had shaped our lives my friend began telling me about an incident during his early twenties, which had left some deep emotional scars. [Read more…]

Burnout: For Love or Money?

Burnout Doctor“Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life” Unknown

It’s confession time… I have had a pretty major case of burnout in previous years – an experience which was really distressing at the time but taught me some powerful life lessons. [Read more…]

Family Indecision: NOT Deciding IS Deciding!


‘Whilst I may not have the key to success, I do know that the key to failure is trying to please everybody’  

‘Does the dog wag the tail or is the tail actually wagging the dog?’ 

Has this ever happened to you?

Scene 1: You are having some family discussions about a forthcoming holiday and discussing a range of possible activities only to here your kids say “I don’t mind” or “Whatever”… You then go ahead and book the activities only to be told later – “I don’t want to do that activity…” Or worse, during the activity the kids are withdrawn and bored ruining it for everyone… [Read more…]

Legal Issues & Stress: Uncertainty & Injustice

TSS justice-is-blind-statue-in-fro-17070926You know, one of the top 10 Stressful Life Events is about legal issues – in particular going to jail. Whilst this experience does not happen to many people, the likelihood of being caught up in some form of legal dispute through work, family, or personal injury is a very common and very stressful Wave of Life!

Well meaning advice and clichés such as “Justice is blind”, “Justice is slow in coming”, “The waiting is the hardest part, “Uncertainty is the only thing we can be certain about” do nothing to help us successfully ride the Waves of Legal Issues and unless we carefully manage our wellbeing during this time – we can Wipeout in a huge state of stress!  [Read more…]

Change & Uncertainty At Work

Changes aheadAs life rolls on the Waves of Life keep breaking on the shore. So far this year we have seen how The Stress Surfer has managed his share of Natural Disasters, disillusionment with Heroes and Moving House. More recent waves have included Changes at Work.

Change and Uncertainty at Work is a known Big Wave (Stressful Life Event) affecting much of society due to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and the knock on effects of the Recession/ Downturn in the Global Economy. [Read more…]