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Put your feet up and give yourself a few moments of ‘me time’.

‘Me-time’ is necessary to refresh your soul and re-charge so you can give more to those that matter most. Re-connect with your big-picture life goals and dreams and consider the work/life challenges ahead.

TheStressSurfer.com is a resource centre for you full of thought provoking ideas and viewpoints on Resilience, Work/ Life Strategy & Leadership – three of the most important ingredients needed to live a successful life.

I firmly believe that everyone can live a ‘great’ life by: (1) developing a Life Strategy to live their dreams and (2) Keeping the 4 Elements of their Wellbeing in Balance when facing the stressful Waves of Life!

I also know that, given how much time we spend at work, maximizing our leadership potential and working effectively in teams is also a vital component of living a successful life!

As psychologist, executive coach and facilitator my own personal and professional journey is full of both achievements and challenges. Using my 20 years of psychology study, clinical practice, business management and leadership consulting, I have created a range of Resilience, Work/ Life Strategy & Leadership ‘shortcuts’ for you to implement so you can Successfully Ride the Waves of Life.

I chose the Stress Surfer theme because at heart I am a wannabe soul surfer who is passionate about life and living. When I’m away from the desk I spend as much time as possible surfing with my daughters and spending time with family and friends in the outdoors.

Whilst I don’t have the luxury of spending all my time searching for the ultimate wave, I have learned to use surfing not only as a stress relieving activity but also as a powerful metaphor for riding the waves of life.

Enjoy your ‘me time’ as you explore the site. Don’t forget to make some decisions and take positive actions towards a more fulfilling and purposeful life before you leave and remember – The Best is Yet To Come!

Ride The Waves of Life!

Dr Pete