Work/Life Strategy


Do you ever feel like your work and life are out of balance? Have you ever felt trapped and frustrated by your job, your finances, or your personal circumstances? Do you dream of having greater work/life balance?

Life Strategy & The Work/Life Balance Myth

Work/Life Balance? It’s a myth – and anyone who worries about it is missing the bigger and more important issue of Life Strategy. That is, having a clear sense of mission & purpose, dreams, goals and plans for each of the four quadrants of life (work, family & friends, play and relationships) AND having the courage and self discipline to live your dreams and make a difference.

From my own personal and professional experience anyone who has a well developed life strategy does not worry about work/life balance because they absolutely know what their goals are at any given time and accept the fluctuating imbalances between work and life as part of achieving their bigger goals. Or, if out of balance too far have the courage and self discipline to make major changes to their work or life to rebalance towards their big picture life strategy and thus get back on track with living their dreams (albeit revised according to circumstances).

Being truly happy and satisfied with your life is an objective well worth pursuing! Living a life with clear direction and purpose as well as exciting dreams and goals is achievable for anyone willing to put in the time and effort to develop a Life Strategy.

Life Strategy Explained

Life Strategy is about living our lives “on purpose” – being clear on what really matters in the end.

Life Strategy is also about living “in balance” (not to be confused with the myth of work/lfe balance) or being active in some form across each the four quadrants of our lives: Work – the activities we do to earn income and contribute to a better world; Play – the activities we do to unwind and relax and/or to stay fit and healthy; Relationship – the energy and effort we put into our primary relationship and ensuring a loving and sustainable relationship is maintained; Family & Friends – the time and focus we give to our family responsibilities and growing our friendship networks.


LIfe Strategy Model

Develop Your Life Strategy

Developing a Life Strategy is therefore the process of (1) understanding our preferred legacy, then mapping out our (2) dreams and (3) goals in life, then (4) action planning and (5) building support networks to achieve these goals and ‘live the dream’ across the four life quadrants of Work, Play, Relationships and Family & Friends.

I absolutely love working wioth people on life strategy! Whether it is via a workshop, coaching session or feedback though books and articles online it is an great joy to see people taking back control of their work/life challenges and living more fulfilled and happy lives!

Ride The Waves of Life!

Dr Pete Stebbins